Who We Are
We are advocates for putting health tech into the hands of the many

Acer Medical helps unlock the healthcare industry’s full potential by breaking barriers between technology and medicine to achieve real-world impact. We leverage artificial intelligence, rich clinical data, and our software development capabilities to empower medical practitioners with actionable insights – what we coin "Intelligence in Practice." This not only helps solve resource shortages and process inefficiencies but also allows for early disease detection.

A subsidiary of the Acer Group, Acer Medical connects all partners from the entire medical care value chain - from clinical research to product development, to implementation and expert service support. Our innovations are certified by Taiwanese and international authoritative bodies, not limited to ISO13485 and the TFDA. We continue to explore critical research with our partners to ensure intelligent and human-centric medical care is accessible for all.

Acer Medical’s Key Milestones
  • Oct

    VeriSee DR received regulatory approval from the Food and Drug Administration (Philippines) (Philippines FDA)
  • Sep

    VeriSee DR received the Special Mention Award in the Cross-Disciplinary Excellence category of the 2021 Taipei Biotech Awards
  • Aug

    Changed company English name from “Acer Healthcare Inc.” to “Acer Medical Inc.”
  • Jul

    VeriSee DR received the Best Innovation Gold Award in the 2021 Future Commerce Awards
  • Jun

    VeriSee DR received regulatory approval from Indonesia Ministry of Health (Indonesia MoH)
  • May

    VeriSee DR received 2021 Computex d&i Award in the Startups category
  • Jan

    VeriSee DR received regulatory approval from Thai Food and Drug Administration (Thai FDA)
    VeriSee DR received the 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award
  • Sep

    VeriSee DR received regulatory approval from Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA)
  • Jun

    Acer Medical obtained ISO13485 certification
  • Dec

    Acer Medical obtained Taiwan GMP (now QMS) certification
  • Dec

    Acer Medical was founded to focus on developing artificial intelligence-driven solutions for healthcare

What We Believe In


Our Core Technology

Intelligent medical practice with ready-to-use innovation