Terms of Use

Service Terms
VeriSee DR (hereinafter referred to as the “product” or “VeriSee DR”) developed by Acer Medical Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) is an AI-assisted diagnostic software for diabetic retinopathy (hereinafter referred to as “DR”) in diabetic patients aged 20 years old or older. It is used for the analysis of color fundus images of diabetic patients generated by color fundus cameras. Accepting the service of the product, you have fully recognized and agreed with the product statement. If you are an agent or distributor of the product, you shall provide this statement in writing or orally to the actual users or end customers.

Scope of Service
The product service provided by the Company is limited to the use of VeriSee DR software regarding its results for clinical decision support.

Product Precautions and Disclaimers

  1. VeriSee DR is only applied to the analysis of color fundus images of diabetes patients to assist physicians in diagnosing DR. VeriSee DR does not apply to the analysis of color fundus images of non-diabetes patients.
  2. All images interpreted by VeriSee DR are only existing in your intranet or the hardware which VeriSee DR is installed in, and you shall not upload or transmit such data to external surrounding without the purpose regarding using VeriSee DR, as well as have to obey laws and regulations regarding privacy and personal data protection.
  3. The Company reserves the right to modify VeriSee DR functionality at any time and you agree that we may modify, suspend, or permanently disable the VeriSee DR service, provided that a written notice is given to you or issued on Company’s website before implementing such noticeable changes.
  4. Without the consent of the Company, you shall not grant the rights contained on VeriSee DR to any third party.
  5. You agree not to intrude, destroy, disassemble, reversely engineer or modify the operation or security settings of the VeriSee DR software in any way, nor to connect VeriSee DR with any device other than the color fundus camera.
  6. You agree that VeriSee DR is only used as a clinical decision support tool by providing interpretation results for physicians’ reference, and the Company will not guarantee its accuracy. The final diagnosis results must be made by physicians based on their judgment.